The Company. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.

We got the tools

We parade a workforce of over 470 staff and over 1000 heavy duty machines.

Certified Experience

Our projects have helped grow local economies and improve the quality of life for communities around Nigeria.

Competitive Pricing

At Hartland, everything is professionally done at the most affordable price to maximize client satisfaction.

Lifetime Guarantee

We’ve always delivered quality work, and we are continually striving to improve our performance and other initiatives

50 Years Experience

Our success over the years is hinged on the drive for satisfactory services, with great passion for innovations.

Great Support

Highways, Bridges, Drainages, Culverts, Maintenance, rehabilitation of roads and bridges, Haulage, Side Walks and other infrastructure.

At Hartland, our vision is to evolve core infrastructure operations through sustained organization expertise in order to achieve the roadmap of  becoming the foundation in African Infrastructure development.


Hartland vigorously pursues the health,  safety and security of  its employees  and  third parties connected with our operations in addition to the protection of the environment in which we operate. Accidents   are  a  waste of resources;  hence Hartland management pledges strong commitment to their prevention  by ensuring that, as far as practicably possible, workplaces are made free from hazards. The Company accepts its responsibility as an employer of labour


Hartland operates a planning and management system,  based on Micro-soft project. The system  encompass the activities of planning  engineering, document control and material  control. These total management packages allow the effective scheduling of all activities in a “real-time” environment giving  the level of control to allow the effective management of multiple contracts through one facility.


At Hartland, quality means doing the job right the first time. We’ve always delivered quality work, and we are continually striving to improve our performance and other initiatives. One of the  major objectives of the company is to provide services, in a manner which adheres strictly with contractual and regulatory requirements. To achieve these objectives, Hartland has an effective quality assurance policy to establish and maintain an efficient programme planned and developed in conjunction with all management functions


The Company Staffing strategy is based on providing any new project with an experienced and technically competent management team consisting of personnel who have adequate skill in work and project know how with the group for years. Hence, senior management, engineering and administrative staff will be drawn from the company’s existing work force. The same strategy applies to  superintendents and supervisors. Labour will be drawn from either Hartland current project organization, recruited, after careful screening, from international to local areas

Trust Is Just One Of The Things We Build Well

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